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Brandy Agerbeck's unparalleled immersive visual thinking workshop.

August 7-9, 2024 | Chicago | 6 spots only

Become Brandy's next 'lab partner' and see your visualization, listening, and facilitation skills soar!

Here's what makes The Lab the best investment in your visual thinking skills ‚ÄĒ

Personalized Instruction

Three full days of tailored, expert guidance with a 1:6 instructor-to-student ratio, ensuring personal attention to your learning needs.

Professional Feedback

Refine your skills and techniques with real-time, constructive feedback on your work from "the godmother of visual practice."

Safe, Yet Challenging, Environment

Experimentation is the heart of The Lab. This is your time and space to question, test, observe, and share through rich discussion.

Strength of the Small Cohort

Connect and collaborate with a intimate group of like-minded peers, fostering meaningful conversation and deeper learning.

Top Quality Materials

Try your hand at countless materials. Plus, a meticulously assembled kit containing all Brandy's favorite tools is yours to keep.
Chicago Labs only

Healthy, Delicious Meals

Enjoy locally-sourced meals and snacks throughout the day to keep you fueled and focused.
Chicago Labs only

Exclusive Access

Brandy Agerbeck never holds back her knowledge and is eager help you: 

  • Erase your learning curve
  • Bust through plateaus
  • Boost your confidence
  • Transform your practice¬†

You borrow not only her 27 years of professional experience, but also her world-class instruction and ability to make abstract concepts tangible, and complex process graspable. 

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  • Three-day immersive workshop
  • August¬†7-9 in Chicago
  • Only 6 spots available
  • Breakfast, lunch, snacks included
  • Certificate of Completion
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What happens in The Lab?

In this challenging, yet safe environment, we immerse ourselves in mapping concepts and conversations live and large.

You and 5 other "lab partners" will be led in inquiry, exploration and growth of your visual practice.

Every Lab starts with the same exploratory exercise on our first morning together, then ‚ÄĒ

The agenda emerges from the needs of the people in the room.


Get ready to ‚ÄĒ

Roll up your sleeves + experiment openly

This is your place to play, and time to shine! 

We learn by doing. 

You are in a supportive space to ask questions, test ideas, and get your hands on a treasure trove of visual tools.

Look closely
+ discuss freely

Every one of us has our own unique visual voice. 

The Lab will strengthen yours. 

Together, we grow our skills fast through cycles working side-by-side, followed by rich, constructive discussion. Get direct feedback from Brandy and learn even more from your lab partners. 

Boost your brain + grow immensely

 Brandy is a world leader in teaching the thinking side of visual THINKING. 

Let's work those mental muscles!

Your Lab time makes you a more agile thinker, facilitator, communicator and problem solver.

Join 100+ lab partners from 20+ countries who rave about how much they accomplished in 3 days of The Lab.

Since 2012, Brandy always brings her 27 years of professional experience as a graphic facilitator and 40+ years of personal drawing experience to: 

  • Set up¬†exciting, hands-on experiments
  • Facilitate¬†deep discussion, going beyond how-to into process and purpose
  • Give¬†you¬†indispensable guidance
  • Share¬†direct,¬†constructive feedback.¬†

Ready to transform your work? 

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Who is welcomed in The Lab?

Visual thinkers, graphic facilitators, and anyone ready to experiment and strengthen your visual thinking skills fast. Since launching in 2012, these are the pattern in people who have become lab partners:

Visual Thinkers

New Visual Practitioners

Experienced Visual Practitioners

Visually Curious

1 | Visual Thinkers

You know visual thinking is pivotal to your work and you seek the time and space to strengthen your ability to listen, analyze, organize and synthesize.

You'll return to your work upleveled to map complexity with paper and pen. 

"As an academic, I’m surrounded by information, which I need to build upon and teach to others. I’m a huge believer in a multisensory approach to learning, and visual thinking is such a powerful tool to include in a teaching repertoire. Attending The Lab with Brandy was an incredible opportunity and what I have learned about visual thinking has made a huge impact on my work, including my classroom pedagogy and note taking."

Dr. Nicole Cooke
Associate Professor and Librarian
University of Illinois
Urbana, IL USA
Chicago Lab 2018

2 | New Visual Practitioners

You are new to the field and ready to dive in!

Get a career catalyzer with Brandy's experience, guidance, and constructive feedback.

The Lab is a great space for starting strong and developing your own style. 

Attending the Lab in Chicago was by far the best investment I made when I launched my own practice.
Brandy opened her door to generously share decades of experience, let us explore in a safe environment, and pointed us to essential principles that she demonstrated first hand.
We could ask her any question.
No other class is as deep and as personalized in the field of graphic facilitation. 

Guillaume Wiatr
Presentation coaching

for business executives.
Seattle, WA, USA
Chicago Lab 2017

Photo courtesy of GeekWire

3 | Experienced Visual Practitioners

Beyond beginner, but you are feeling isolated, in a rut, or like your work has plateaued?

Join Brandy in The Lab to dive deep and reconnect to the power of your profession. We'll challenge your habits to shake things up and discover a new side of you! 

"I went into The Lab with the ability to create very serviceable visual maps which were, nonetheless a bit ‚Äėone scale‚Äô or ‚Äėflat‚Äô.
The biggest, conscious impact it‚Äôs had on my work is that, after it, I was able to create maps with hierarchy and varying scale ‚Äď and therefore much greater impact."

Caroline Chapple
Chapple Cartoons
London, UK

4 | Visually Curious

You're drawn to this approach to making meaning. Or to Brandy as your guide.

Perhaps you're at a crossroads and want to explore this path of visual practice.


Wait? Isn't this graphic facilitation training? 

During our three days together, we practice by drawing large and live ‚ÄĒ much like professional graphic facilitators.

This format gets us on our feet, working fast, and filling the room with our drawings to discuss. 

Only a third of our lab partners come specifically from the field of visual practice (graphic facilitators, graphic recorders, scribes). 

Now, no doubt, The Lab is your #1 way to turbo boost your professional practice.

But Brandy welcomes all types of visual thinkers with a willingness to experiment, go deep, and have fun.

Again, our small group size and emergent agenda meets the needs of the six of you. 

Our alchemy of questions, ideas, and experiences makes every Lab ✨solid gold.✨

“As a high school principal I use Brandy’s techniques to create visual agendas, capture meeting notes, develop strategic plans, and engage students and staff. Not a day goes by when I don’t have big charts on the wall or large whiteboards and papers in classrooms.

Everyone benefits from thinking visually.  

My 3-day Lab experience in Chicago with Brandy has been my best learning ever in the ‚Äúhow-to‚ÄĚ and ‚Äúwhy‚ÄĚ of graphic visualization skills. As an educator, my practice has been transformed and positively helps my students and staff learn more.¬† And, just so you know, I am having lots of fun with markers, and I confidently experiment all the time.

Many of my colleagues come my way asking for help as they, too, try to become visual practitioners. I smile and invite them to head to Chicago to meet Brandy.‚ÄĚ


Beth Woof
Principal, Sherwood Secondary
Hamilton, ON, Canada
Chicago Lab 2018

In Brandy's Lab, I was thoroughly delighted by the range and usefulness of the learning activities, the generous pack of resources and materials Brandy provided and the match of feedback and suggestions to each participant's level.

I would highly recommend this course to both complete beginners wanting to explore the idea of using visuals in their work/life and seasoned practitioners who bring their own experience and wish to expand their repertoire.

Brandy shares her unique style and wealth of experience generously.


Michelle Walker
Creative Catalyst & Coach, michellewalker.com.au

North Lismore, Australia
Chicago Lab 2015



Scenes from The Lab



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Ground Rules for The Lab

With an open, emergent agenda, we are guided by these ways of working:

  • We enter The Lab with an open mind, a sense of humor and a willingness to do the work and learn from each other.
  • Each of us has valid experiences and opinions we bring into The Lab.
    The visual practice veterans have on-the-ground experience and plenty of tips and tricks and know-how.
    New folks bring in the beginners mind, ask "why" and "what if" and challenge our assumptions.
    Those joining us from adjoining fields bring us the insights from their industries.
    We learn from each other at all levels.

  • Critique and feedback is the fastest way to learn and grow.
    We will share our observations in ways that are constructive and make us all better practitioners.
  • You do not have to love everyone, but you do have to respect everyone.
    We all create our space together for these three days.
  • We are colleagues, not clients. This is a sales-free zone.

  • You manage yourself and your energy.
    We will have three, intense days together. Pace yourself. We want you to participate fully, but you are welcome to sit back for an exercise. Go take a walk if you need a breather. Party all night if it's what keeps you going.
  • Speak up for yourself!
    The Lab works with an emergent agenda. We need to know what you want to try, what questions you have, so we can make the most out of our time for everyone.

These are the only requirements for The Lab.

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