The Trio

Neuland mini-workshop at EuViz 2018

by Brandy Agerbeck, Neuland Ambassador and creator of the idea shapers. 

Of course when Neuland invited me to teach a 15-minute workshop at EuViz 2018, I said yes!

One wonderfully robust corner of Rungstedgaard  in Rungsted, Denmark was filled with their markers, pinboards, and expertly designed facilitation supplies. 

What topic would be the best fit for the fifteen minutes and the international audience of visual practitioners?

The Trio. 

One of 24 idea shapers, The Trio is an approach to selecting and combining colors that create depth and cohesion in your visual thinking: 

  1. You choose 3 colors of markers (pens, pencils, etc) up front

  2. Each color has its own job in the drawing. 

  3. As you draw, your mind is freed up from deciding what colors to use when.

    No fumbling with too many markers.

    You can focus on listening, and other important visual choices, as you draw.

Watch the entire mini workshop below —
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Behind the scenes of this workshop:

When I work or teach live, I have a great spatial awareness.

I don't share that kind of ease with time.

Space I got down.



The only hesitation I feel when I teach is wondering if what I want to cover will fit within the time I have. 

Plus, I was wrecked with a trio of jetlag, allergies (?), and chronic pain. I was soooo stoked for EuViz, but my lousy health made the conference a bit of a blur.

I was feeling rough taking my time and spot in Neuland's area for the mini-workshop. 

But, you know, professionals show up and teachers are gonna teach. 

As soon as I got into it, I was in the zone. 

EuViz photos by Orest Tabaka

Just as I finished up my last thought, I looked up at the clock on my right.

on the


At first that felt like a miracle, given that I felt like a lump of crud.

But then?

I thought, "Practice makes progress."

EuViz was my first time away, in months, from recording my comprehensive visual thinking course, The Agerbeck Method.

Week after week, I've been alone in my beloved lil' one-room studio, recording the 90 video lessons for the nine modules of the online course. 

The common saying is "practice makes perfect.

Scratch that. 

Practice makes perfect progress. 

Practice is vital.

Perfection is a frustrating distraction.

Progress keeps us motivated to do big things. 

Like mastering visual thinking. 

Day 3 in The Agerbeck Method?

Practice Makes Progress. 

Weeks of practice demonstrating visual thinking on camera is precisely why my jetjagged grouchy self taught seamlessly and ended at 15 minutes on the dot. 

Where to learn more about The Trio:

The Trio is one of 24 visual thinking techniques in Brandy's 2016 book, The Idea Shapers

The fourth module of The Agerbeck Method, the core online visual thinking course, focuses on color.

Want to dive deep and learn loads about color? Register for Spectrum Savvy.

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