Mental Spring Cleaning UN-CHALLENGE is complete!

Nearly 300 people from 46 countries came together to learn the visual thinking tools to reduce overwhelm, get clarity, and just make life a bit easier.









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Getting your
💭 thoughts,
❤️ feelings,
and 💡 ideas
out of your head and
onto paper is the key to
and Brandy Agerbeck
will share her secret,
super simple techniques
NEXT WEEK in her upcoming...


So, are these Pandemic Anniversaries helping you


Me neither. Are you mentally white knuckling it like I am?

I know, I know, you are doing the best that you can.

I bet your best is pretty badass considering all that’s coming at you:

  • How few loved ones you've touched.
  • How much uncertainty is keeping you unbalanced.
  • All the problem-solving you're doing just to kinda sorta do what came easily in the "old normal."
  • Simply not knowing when you can plan things to look forward to
  • That thick blanket of stress is EXHAUSTING.

It is a lot.

A whole lot of a whole lot.

And if you're still standing, relatively healthy, and still have a sense of humor, YOU ARE WINNING.  

 Since I can’t give you the ✨High 5🖐️✨ or big 🧸 hug you deserve, I’m hosting an UN-CHALLENGE next week for you.

The Mental Spring Cleaning UN-CHALLENGE is five lunch break self-care sessions to:

🎁 Give yourself the recognition you deserve.

🎁 To pause just enough to regain your perspective.

🎁 Give yourself some RELIEF from the overwhelm.

🎁 Gain true CLARITY

Carve out these five 45-minute sessions to save yourself untold time worrying, thinking in circles, trying to make the uncertain more certain.

I’ll be walking you through my own favorite techniques for when my brain is full and I am so wound up I can’t focus. You’ll get my tried-and-true methods to sort out what actually matters from all the mental clutter.

These are not lectures, or hype sessions that make you feel like there’s even more you SHOULD be doing.

NO shoulding on ourselves.

I’ll be guiding you through guided reflection exercises during the sessions. Your time live will create immediate insights, but you can also repeat the exercises whenever that overwhelmed returns. 

Wish I could make that overwhelm vanish permanently. Sadly, no. But I'll share the tools to wrangle your thoughts whenever you need to. 

Your only investment is your TIME and I’ll do my very best to help you make the most of it.


DO NOT sign up if you think you can half-listen or multi-task through this. NOPE. You’ll be wasting your time. I don’t mind if you’re chewing on your lunch (or dinner, or midnight snack depending on where you are…). But you must be present to win.

The only tangible materials you need are some blank loose leaf paper and pens.

Get ready to give your ✨Beautiful Brain✨ some relief! 

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