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Listening Skills Workshop


Visual Listening

Tune into and turn up your listening skills with paper and pen.

When do you feel most valued?

When you feel listened to. 

The most basic human need of being heard and understood is too easily lost in a world of rushing, pushing, and noise.

Despite listening being an invaluable skill in nearly every professional role, UKG Workforce Institute found ‚ÄĒ¬†

86% of employees do not feel heard fairly or equally

75% of employees do not feel heard on basic topics

47% of employees felt underrepresented or not heard equitably

Source: The Heard and the Heard-Nots: The Impact of Listening at Work, UKG Workforce Institute, 2021. Study of 4000 employees across 11 countries.

Listening is learnable skill that goes far beyond surface, performative levels of looking like you are actively listening.

Capture what you hear with paper and pen to listen more acutely and accurately.

Show your colleagues, clients, and customers that they are truly listening. 

Since 1996, Brandy Agerbeck has listened for a living as a professional graphic facilitator.

Serving every kind of organization and industry, she's heard it all across high-stakes strategy meetings to wide-reaching annual conferences.

Brandy understands the day-to-day challenges your team faces.
She has 27 years on-the-ground listening experience.
But mostly importantly, she is internationally trusted for her ability to teach people to be stronger listeners.

Hire Brandy to lead a Visual Listening workshop to: 

  • Train your team to use paper and pen as everyday listening tools.
  • Sharpen their ability to focus, retain, distill, and capture what they are hearing.
  • Improve collaboration, engagement, and empathy when your colleagues feel seen, heard, and understood.¬†

1-2 day workshop

In-person or virtual

Group Size


Start a conversation with Brandy ‚ÄĒ

If you're specifically interested in Vitals of Visual THINKING, please mention it by name in your message. 

Listening is an ongoing practice.

Collaborate with Brandy on a professional development program to create lasting cultural change through better listening skills.  


Potential program elements:

  • Follow up lunch and learns or group coaching sessions.
  • Add Brandy as a graphic facilitator to support your next crucial conversation.
  • One-on-one executive coaching.
  • Group access to her deep dive online listening courses
  • Customized branding for internal listening skills initiative.

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