Neuland Color Wheel

Neuland Color Wheel

by Brandy Agerbeck,

In October 2018, I had the great pleasure to both celebrate Neuland's 50th Anniversary and teach two workshops in partnership with them and bikablo akademie.

During the workshop, someone asked, "Does Neuland have a color wheel?"


While the group was practicing live visual capture at their pinboards and tables, I snuck off to Guido Neuland's office to ask. 

As soon as the question left my mouth, Guido's wheels started to turn in his head and we began designing it then. 

Very happy to share our finished poster celebrating their wide color range and helping you see how the colors relate to each other. 

Watch below:


Part 1 | 0:00 | Intro and storage tips for Neuland markers

Part 2 | 4:20 | Key benefits of Neuland markers

Part 3 | 6:35 | Choosing color combinations

You can order copies for your studio, work kit, or to share with your workshop participants here:


Hop on over to Neuland to order your poster


Note: on Neuland's site, click on your country name to go straight to the poster's page in their webshop.

Many thanks to Verena Neuland and Lisa Mariana Metz for working together to make this gorgeous new resource a reality. 

To see the EuViz 2018 mini workshop on The Trio mentioned in the video, click here

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