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Step out of the daily grind, giving yourself space to reflect, dream, and shape your future with the  

Life Shaper: Time Traveler

In this moment are you: 

  • Just living minute to minute, and can't see more than two weeks in front of your face?¬†¬†

  • Getting stuck on a recent experience and haven't had the time to make sense of it?

  • Desperately want something to look forward to, but you don't know what that is?¬†

  • If you vision is clear, are you struggling to figure out your steps to get there?¬†

  • Are you tried of being in Reactive Mode and just want to ground yourself in the here and now?

If so, becoming a Time Traveler might help.

  • Easy-to-follow video¬†
  • Simple materials
  • Repeatable¬†process
  • Zero drawing skills required!

How can I time travel time? 

Time Traveler is a guided drawing exercise that gives you the time to orient yourself. You'll make space to:

  • Reflect on your recent past
  • Look forward to what you want in the future
  • Sketch out some steps to get there

Brandy Agerbeck designed this "life shaper" to guide you step-by-step through making this drawing.  With simple words, lines, arrows and circles, you will gain a deeper understanding where you are right now.

After you have traveled time with paper and pen, you will have better understood recent experience, have a clearer vision of your future, and start shaping your new direction. 

Shape your life one drawing at a time. 

Hello! I'm Brandy and I designed the Time Traveler exercise to help you stop, take a deep breath and better assess where you are in this moment of your life. 

I call these guided drawing exercises "life shapers." Each one is crafted to tackle a specific life challenge.

This particular drawing comes from a process I learned in 1996 as a graphic facilitator. 

Way back then, I was contracted by (then) Ernst & Young's consulting practice to help run change management workshops for their clients. 

EY was using a rich and deep facilitation process of a company called MGTaylor. Often we would guide the participants through a similar exercise projecting themselves, their team, their organization out into the future. Helping take them out of the immediate issues to think bigger and longer term. Inviting them to start thinking about the changes needed to meet their vision. 

I saw how quickly thousands of people could step out of the immediate pressure and open themselves to the possibilities. 

I've used the same techniques for myself when I knew it was time to change.

Because making this drawing helped me so much, I recorded a video showing you how you too can time travel with paper and pen.

Hundreds of people (non-artists and artists alike)  have made this drawing, making more meaning for themselves.

Like them, I hope you'll join me and see how useful, easy, illuminating and fun shaping your life can be.

I'm showing off the biggest of markers, Neuland BigOnes, in my 3-day immersion, The Lab.

Every Life Shaper experience: 

Carves time out and creates a safe and welcoming self-care space to reflect and explore possibilities. Set a drawing date with yourself.

Makes space to be playful and messy. Put your Inner Critic in time out. Be free to be your squishy, fuzzy, imperfect self! 

Engages your brain and heart and hands and your whole self. This process lets all of you show up: messy and tidy, thinky and feeling, uncertain and steadfast. 

Puts the power of your thinking into your own hands. Get unstuck with a temporary sketch, or get down a long-term plan of action in ink. 

Invites you to take a critical and kind look at your own Big Picture. What are the piece and how do they connect? Notice what pieces are and aren't working. 

Opens you up to discovery and magic. Your new insights and clarity will shine light on where to go next!

Using the Time Traveler, you can: 

  • Hit pause for an hour or so and give yourself time to reflect and dream.

  • Take the opportunity to assess and acknowledge recent experiences.

  • Give yourself this time to process the past, making it easy to let go and move forward.

  • Gaze into your future, envisioning your next chapter. Instead of a one small step away from today, you can take a giant leap in who you could be.

  • Start defining the steps and support that will help you move towards your goals.

  • All in all, this is your time to figure out¬†how you got to this moment and what you want to make of the moment ahead.
Don't miss out on the opportunity step out of time and step into better understanding yourself. 
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