6 Mood Boosters

Mar 06, 2010

I’m not one to kvetch online, but some things have kind of sucked lately. As pals on Facebook remind me, “It’s a crap time of year.” I’m not going to waste your time and mine going into it. Suffice to the say, it peaked when I dropped my beloved, only-two-months old Droid, aka The Agerbot, in the toilet earlier today. It’s drying out and I’ve got all fingers and toes crossed it’ll work again.

To combat The Crap, I’m taking stock of The Good Stuff. Here’s 6 Mood Improvers on my desk right now:

1. Being productive and focused.

2. Last week’s flower – a potted hyacinth. Lately, my grocery flowers have died too quickly, I opted for the potted flower to watch it bloom, get more time with it.

3. This week’s flowers – daffodils. Love how freakin’ cheap and vibrant they are.

4. New light therapy box from Philips – just got this. So far, appreciating that it helps me feel some oomph, not like a slug in the AM.

5. Good musics/radio/podcasts. Today’s it’s the brilliant line up on WBEZ. Yesterday was the Slate Political Gabfest, Mark Kermode & Simon Mayo’s fantastic wittetainment, and Chicago’s best Filmspotting.

6. Chocolate. In this case a homemade one with ground flax and ginger.

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