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The Idea Shapers at Evanston Public Library books the idea shapers Nov 06, 2019
Evanstonians, rejoice! ;^)
Big, big thanks to Kirsti MacPherson for requesting Evanston...
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Drawn Together Through Visual Practice in China books Nov 20, 2018

So happy and proud to see the first translation of our 2016 anthology Drawn Together Through...

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6 Years of Permssion! books Nov 18, 2017

Hey! 6 years ago, Pamela Meyer and I co-created a book. Her third? My first. Incredible to...

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(Maybe) Last Proof of The Idea Shapers Ordered! books self-publishing Oct 28, 2016

I may have just ordered the LAST proof of The Idea Shapers!!!  

I say "may have"...

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It is in messy drawings that work really happens... books Oct 17, 2016

In July, alongside 26 other fantastic contributors, we launched an anthology on visual practice,...

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Connecting Ideas in Visual Thinking books the idea shapers Apr 20, 2015

Favorite Idea Shapers drawing from yesterday. Determined to not reuse anything from my 1st...

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3 Levels of White Space in Visual Thinking books the idea shapers Apr 19, 2015

Working on negative space for The Idea Shapers. This drawing will be in chapter on The...

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Pre-order copies of The Graphic Facilitator's Guide have landed books Apr 16, 2012

Hooray!! My pre-order copies of The Graphic Facilitator's Guide are here! About to ship out to...

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Pamela Meyer at TEDxPeachtree • Playspace Model books ico portfolio Nov 07, 2010

I wish I could have been there to cheer on Pamela Meyer at TEDxPeachtree as she shares how to...

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