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Vantage Points and Visual Practice • Visual Practitioners Africa 2021

Had the great pleasure and privilege to speak virtually for the first time on...

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Sketch Squad Spark Conference 2019
Super excited to be at the 1st ever ⚡Spark Conference ⚡ of Sketch...
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The Power of Paper and Pen at MIAD
Thrilled to be teaching visual thinking and graphic facilitation to a group...
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Exhausted + Excited

What's percolating after conference to hone my speaker chops.


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Piloting The Idea Shapers Tour

Ready to roll in Copenhagen leading people through The Idea Shapers Tour...

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James Allenspach at 20x2 Chicago | Why Did You Stop?

James Allenspach invited me to be part of his video piece for tonight's ...

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20x2 How Do You Do?

My 2 minute answer to "How do you do?" at the 3rd 20x2 Chicago. Twenty...

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Shape Your Thinking at TEDxWindyCity

Shape Your Thinking is my talk at TEDxWindyCity 2013. Please do watch my...

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Speaking on Synthesis • IFVP Aloha 2011

Colleague and dear friend Lynn Carruthers totally had my number.

She knew I...

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DePaul Facilitation Symposium

Above: teaching facilitators how to get more lines from one chisel-tip...

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