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Special peek into Drawing Bees with Zettelkasten sketchnote m1: canvas sketchnotes

This weekend we had our monthly Drawing Bee in Studio+ and I wanted...

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How to Focus When You Are Listening graphic facilitation sketchnotes visual thinking

In this video and article:
The #1 biggest pitfall that gets in the way of...

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Behind the Scenes: Standing Up to the VUCA Monster sketchnotes visual thinking
One week ago, I was nearing a month-long teaching tour in Europe. Now, I am...
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"Pencil is the World's Most Optimistic Tool." sketchnotes

With the lead so long and the eraser so short, the pencil is the world's most...

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Pumpkin Spice Visual Thinking m5: line sketchnotes

First off, I know pumpkin spice is about pie spices, not about pumpkin...

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3 Tips for Sketchnoters m4: color sketchnotes

Last week,  Mike Rodhe and I kicked off season 5 opener on his...

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3.5 → 1 m7: shape m8: image sketchnotes
Spent SJC > LAX synthesizing 3.5 days into 1 page of my biggest learnings
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Active Recovery sketchnotes
Recovery is absolutely crucial, because I put it ALL out there when I teach....
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Change Conference | Chicago SHRM sketchnotes

Chicago SHRM (Society of Human Resource Management) hosted a one day...

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Drawing lets your inner voice be seen. sketchnotes visual thinking

Shush that Inner Critic when you drawing out your thoughts, feelings, and...

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Dan Heck at IAF Chicago meeting | Exhausted and Satisfied sketchnotes

Facilitator Dan Heck shared a case study of a three-day launch with his...

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