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Jam-packed, Editing-fest in Toronto

books Jan 14, 2016

That's me on the left alongside co-editors Jennifer Shepherd, Kelvy Bird, and Sam Bradd. We convened in Toronto last weekend, thanks to Jennifer's family lending us their home. We are shaping an anthology about visual practice. 

We've been working virtually so far, but there's nothing like face-to-face and focus. 

We had just over 2 days to: 

  • Talk through all of our 25-ish submissions. 
  • Decide if each one is a fit for our anthology goals
  • Talk through each one collecting feedback to bring back to the authors
  • Agree to themed sections and a logical order

It was INTENSE, but we got there.

What this space for more... 

July 2016 Update: Remarkably, we went from inkling to a finished anthology of 27 contributors in one year. Learn all about Drawn Together through Visual Practice here >>

☝️ For real, that is crazyfast. I'm hoping to write more about our best practices. 

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