art Mar 09, 2018

Accidental selfie, photographing Rothko.

In other news, I got to see my two arty birthday twins (Jan 28), Oldenburg and Pollock.

In other, other news, also got to see one of my favorite works of art EVER. From Nan Goldin:

Wonderful to savor all 42 minutes.

Seeing The Ballad of Sexual Dependency for the first time is in my Top 20 pantheon of art experiences. Turned a corner into a dark alcove at MoMA. Image after image clicked by. Chosen family, grunge, drugged, skin, clothes.

The intimacy of a shot came at me. 

Then click. 

Next image. Boom. 

Click. Boom. 

Click Boom.

Not enough time to really sink into any one image. 

Wandered back into the bright light of the gallery and felt grateful and changed.


Seeing it today felt like reconnecting with an old friend. One you're surprised is still alive. 

 Have more time to explore Nan Goldin? I recommend this New Yorker article

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