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DePaul Facilitation Symposium

cscc ksll speaking Jun 10, 2011

Above: teaching facilitators how to get more lines from one chisel-tip marker. 

I led a breakout session at today's DePaul University's Facilitation Symposium who's theme is “Catalysts for Innovation.” 

With John Ward's blessing, I adapted our IAFNA half-day workshop, "Seeing and Doing: Enabling and Engaging Your Groups with Visual & Kinesthetic Tools," into a 90-minute experience. 

Thank you to Pamela Meyer for capturing these pictures, and more importantly, for the invitation to speak. I love the ratio in this photo of two-thirds drawings, one-third Brandy speaking. 

I'm as proud as a peacock with how the session went. More than 30 people filled the room, gave great energy, and were completely in it to win it. Our ninety minutes were chock full of hands-on learning.


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