I feel like a scribble.

Stresses have been mounting.

One of the biggest is not meeting my original Kickstarter deadline for my book launch.

My strategy of isolating myself chained to my drawing table only succeeded into turning me to a mess.

I am untangling myself with a saner pace, good company, self-care and compassion.

Tomorrow, I head to back-to-back conferences: first the graphic facilitator's conference in Austin, the second National Speakers Association conference in DC where I will be presenting a breakout.

My goal was to bring The Idea Shapers with me, hot off the press.

Not yet.

Progress on the book is slow but solid. I won't name a new deadline, because I hate making the same mistake twice. Instead, I'll share the quote my sweetheart comforted me with —

Image source

“A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad.”

Shigeru Miyamoto
Japanese video game designer, 
whose titles include Donkey Kong 
and The Legend of Zelda

Yes and yes. 




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