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Graduation Day

May 21, 2021

Graduated from Grinnell College 25 years ago today.

It was a blur.

Family was in the Scamp in the driveway at 1015 High Street. Parents told me that day my beloved cat Bear had died months earlier, hit by a car.

Side note: for anyone who thinks, "I don't want to upset her," a multi-month delay makes it far worse. Now I am grieving the loss of a beloved pet and trust my parents even less

Off to move to Chicago with then-boyfriend Kent. Saying goodbye to Jim and Becca.

Blur, blur, blur.

I will always proudly share that I was a first-generation college student. Had no idea "how to college."

Thankfully my intuition brought me to just the right campus. I have ZERO idea what my grades were. I did not feel like I was rocking it, but was never on probation.

Got about 4 hours of sleep a night. Had multiple campus jobs at a time. That made all 4 years pretty blurry.

I always say that I don't remember college. Not because of drugs or alcohol. All from lack of sleep. 

No real regrets, but if I had to do it over I would have:

  1. Applied to every stinking scholarship available in high school.
  2. Chosen more classes based on the professor, not the topic.
  3. Sleuthed out what support there was for me as a first-gen student. Had no idea how to advocate for myself or use any resources available.

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