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Halloween 2012 • Not of this World

Oct 27, 2012

Not of this world was the theme of Cinnamon Cooper and Andrew Huff's 2012 Halloween bash. Again, my challenge was to fit the theme with things I already had on hand. I strongly believe in handmade and resourceful costumes. I finally hit on my idea a few days ago. BRANDYMINIUM, an element from a faraway planet. 

BIG win. Costume was fun to make, was well received, and easy(ish) to wear. See below:

I sprayed the heck out of neck, face and hair with fine silver glitter hair spray. This pic was the test run when the sun was still out, so the glitter is subtler.

So, I pretty much wore (tight but) normal clothes with this shiny, fun neck piece.

The neckpiece is made from satin ball ornaments I had left over. The largest ones were moss green, I painted them black and wrapped them in silver thread. The gold balls were originally pink with faces. So, I covered the faces with the candy papers. The gold looks rosy and great over the pink. I wrapped them in a different way with glow threads. I covered the pins with tiny gold studs. The frosted plastic balls are some mint green ornaments that weren't usable with their plastic cores, so I just took the satin off. And some gray and white satin balls. And lots of little bits and bobs I had around glue together with black hot glue.
The only thing I bought for this was gold thread!
I arranged these in a horseshoe shape. I carried the neck piece to the party and then all I had to do was tie the ribbons at the ends to the spaghetti straps of my dress. WIN!!




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