Halloween 2013 • Hallomeme

Oct 26, 2013

Cinnamon Cooper and Andrew Huff's stellar Halloween party's 2013 theme was Hallomeme. As is my wont, I looked for an idea that I can execute with the stuff I had on hand. Believe me, I have PLENTY of stuff on hand. 

Second criteria: not too difficult to wear. 

Third criteria: Not so obscure. That someone can figure out what I am fairly easily after my 2011 costume was "awfully thinky." It's fun for folks to guess right, and I don't have to explain over and over again. 

Behold, my flash mob: 

I scared up my collection of Playmobil figures and sewed a slew to a black sweater. Then I wore complementary primary color clothes to complete the look. ❤️💛💙

Sweater was a bit heavy but totally worked. Not sure that I fully met the third criteria, but once I told someone what I was, there was a big "AAAHHHH!"

In other news
When I asked my friends what I was, one-third of the comments were about my body: 

I've got some kind of mystery illness and have dropped weight like crazy. It is not reasonable that I fit in these yellow cords I dyed years ago. Odd to get compliments for my body's size when I'm perpetually wiped out and have nearly constant brain fog.


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