Creating Clarity: In Conversation with Holger Nils Pohl

visual thinking Jun 14, 2022

I asked Holger Nils Pohl to pause mid-Kickstarter campaign to update me on the launch of his book, Creating Clarity.  

In this process-packed hour, we talk about:

  • The origins of Holger's book
  • The Creating Clarity framework: Understand > Create > Share
  • How we weather the inevitable uncomfortable parts of the creative process
  • What to NOT do in a Kickstarter campaign (modeled by me, not Holger)

Grab paper and pen and enjoy our convers--- 

First, pledge the Creating Clarity campaign on Kickstarter by June 27th.

You can always find all of Holger's work at his site

--- back to our conversation. Please enjoy.


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