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Introducing The Idea Shapers

the idea shapers

✅ November 2016 - Book complete 

✅ December 2016 - Kickstarter's 274 backers fulfilled 

✅ January 2017 - Hibernation + Rest

⬜ February 2017 - let's talk about The Idea Shapers

In this video, I go into the shape of The Idea Shapers:

  1. The Powers + Properties of Drawing
  2. The Draw Quad
  3. 5 steps the 24 idea shapers are organized by
  4. The Image Iceberg
  5. Who is The Idea Shapers for?


As mentioned in the video, here's the ISBN numbers for The Idea Shapers. 

ISBN-13: 978-1494919337
ISBN-10: 1494919338

I'll never beat the shipping rates of Amazon, but you can always buy the book directly from me here

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