Heather Leavitt Martinez's Lettering Journey

m3: text Jun 27, 2019

Run, don't walk to Neuland's Facebook page to watch Heather Leavitt Martinez's fantastic book launch, Lettering Journey! The 3rd live video is extra awesome. Thank you to Sandra Dirks for being the hostess with the mostest. Guido and Verena Neuland congrats on the fantastic new tools!

So many !!!!!s

I had the pleasure of seeing Heather's book early and know what a ✨solid gold resource✨ it is.

Above: My practice during live video, so inspired to improve my lettering. I know Heather is a top-notch trainer.

I am not too proud to admit -- I resisted adding her techniques to my practice. I thought it wouldn't jibe with my style.

Finally clicked that I CAN learn and adjust!

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