Messy drawings can create clarity.

visual thinking visual thinking 101 Sep 28, 2022

Messy drawings can create clarity. 

Messy drawings actually create MORE clarity than the neat and tidy drawings do.

When that Inner Critic tells you, "I need to come up with three things, or I need to come up with
a step by step process," we are often bypassing the messy part of the process.

When you get your stuff out onto that piece of paper, or onto that white board (or whatever your tools you use), it feels tense.

The fact that it's messy and weird is a perfect reflection of where you're at in your process.

It is so important to be in that discomfort, to push stuff around, to be messy, because that's where you get those insights, and new perspectives that lead to refining your work. 

You are able to refine and refine and refine and come up with a much better, stronger, refined end product.

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