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sketchnotes Mar 09, 2017

Chicago SHRM (Society of Human Resource Management) hosted a one day conference, "Living in a World of Constant Change."

Change is a favorite topic. I am drawing out the day as a participant. 

Above: Barbara Trautlein's opening keynote. What's your CQ? She shares three key types: those who lead with their Head, their Heart and their Hands.

Below: My sketchnotes of the day's sessions drawn live in my sketchbook. Want me map out your event large scale? Check out my graphic facilitation work

Barbara Trautlein, Ph.D. | Change Catalysts | sketchnote by Brandy Agerbeck

 Jodi Landis | Baxter's Practical Success Factors for Large Scale Changesketchnote by Brandy Agerbeck

Sangita Kasturi | 8 Steps Towards Workplace Gender Equality | sketchnote by Brandy Agerbeck

Suz O'Donnell | Power of Change Leadership Coaching | sketchnote by Brandy Agerbeck

Jill Pollack | The Change Communication Trifecta | sketchnote by Brandy Agerbeck

Pieces of Panels | sketchnote by Brandy Agerbeck

Manuel Cuevas | How Talent Strategy Fuels Corporate Culture | sketchnote by Brandy Agerbeck


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