How do I get my team up at the whiteboard with me?

collaboration cscc mwct q+a teams Sep 14, 2022

Sue, a software tester, asked a fantastic question in Drawing as a Verb which is, "How do I get more of my teammates standing up and thinking visually alongside me at the white board?" 

She's already doing thing #1, which is draw at the rough skill level of your teammates. 

Even if you can be fancy, DON’T. 

Because it's just going to freak people out. 

Number two, watch what you reward. 

As long as we're making progress, we're seeing ourselves a step farther in our process, that's what should be rewarded. 

NOT things being pretty, not penmanship being perfect. 

It really is about the progress you're making as a team.  

Third, and the one that really resonated with her, was get them up on their feet and put the markers in their hands. 

Now they are all standing within arm's reach of that white board, ready to use those tools,
ready to get their fantastic ideas and perspectives out of their heads and onto that white board. 

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