I hope Deb loved her gift.

A 1960s gift tag found in a vintage, like-new avocado green velvet chair

Just time traveled to Christmas, 1967ish. Retrieved a small slip of paper in the crack of the immaculately cared for avocado velvet chair from the local antique mall. I wonder how long this tag has been there and what Deb's gift was.

My guesses from the tag as a clue: 

  • The shakiness makes me think it's an older person. 
  • With an empty From space, I am guessing it's a two-person household so the giver is a given.
  • Alternatively, the giver is visiting Deb, so the "who" is apparent. Possibly a grown daughter and Deb's parent. 
  • From the all cap lettering, I would guess a man wrote it. But I also think a man in the 60's would skip the tag. 
  • The age of the chair makes me guess the tag Santa is the same vintage. Versus an old illustration being used more recently for that retro field.  

What do you think? 

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