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Must... Fight... Symmetry... flowers May 17, 2021

Hubby bought these blooms. 

I fought against my symmetry obsession to...

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Fuzzy brains, please. flowers Oct 21, 2020
Oof. Gotta say I have been going through a s**t time. Just want to curl up...
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Day 90 Flowers flowers Nov 06, 2018

Flowers for recording my FINAL Agerbeck Method video today!! They had to be...

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Hello, Pumpkin. flowers holidays Oct 31, 2018

Happy Halloween from studio!        ...

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Flowers 07.06.18 flowers Jul 06, 2018

Darn beautiful... and I these taught me I am allergic to lilies. 

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Flowers 06.05.18 flowers Jun 05, 2018

Just arranged these beauts in my studio to co-star in my visual thinking...

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How to Turn Grocery Store Bouquets into GORGEOUS Arrangement flowers how to Jun 05, 2018
"Oh, I don't buy flowers anymore.
When I put them in the vase, they just...
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Flowers for you flowers Oct 26, 2017

More blooms for you. I love how these ranunculus and craspedia stems...

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Sunny Flowers flowers Oct 14, 2017

Thunderstorms outside, sunny flowers inside. Share with someone who...

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Flowers 07.07.17 flowers Jul 07, 2017






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