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The Idea Shapers at Evanston Public Library books the idea shapers Nov 06, 2019
Evanstonians, rejoice! ;^)
Big, big thanks to Kirsti MacPherson for...
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The 5 Steps of Visual Thinking the idea shapers visual thinking Jan 24, 2019

I am pretty darn excited for this video! So much fun explaining The Idea...

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Piloting The Idea Shapers Tour the idea shapers May 05, 2017

Ready to roll in Copenhagen leading people through The Idea Shapers Tour...

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Introducing The Idea Shapers the idea shapers Feb 06, 2017

November 2016 - Book complete 

December 2016 - Kickstarter's 274...

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Shape Your Thinking at TEDxWindyCity materials speaking the idea shapers Feb 23, 2013

Shape Your Thinking is my talk at TEDxWindyCity 2013. Please do watch my...

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