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Articles and Videos on Graphic Facilitation

The Essential Eight
As a graphic facilitator, how do you prioritize what to draw?

Neuland Ink Color Wheel
Brandy walks you through the color wheel poster she designed with Neuland

Standing Up to the VUCA Monster
A lesson in complexity, critical thinking and not holding onto anything too tightly.

The Trio
Neuland Mini-workshop at EuViz 2018

Graphic Facilitation Books

The Graphic Facilitator's Guide

How to use your listening, thinking and drawing skills to make meaning

By Brandy Agerbeck
2012 | 306 pages | 6" x 9" trim size | black and white interior pages

ISBN-10: 0615591876
ISBN-13: 978-0615591872

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"The Graphic Facilitator's Guide is a wonderful reference book for anyone who wants to take capture notes visually. From managers at a whiteboard in a meeting to professional graphic facilitators. This book is a must-have."

Nancy Duarte
author of slide:ology
and Resonate

Drawn Together through Visual Practice
Co-editors Brandy Agerbeck, Kelvy Bird, Sam Bradd, and Jennifer Shepherd
2016 | Anthology

Contributor of Making Room for Making: In praise of imperfect drawings and the humans who make them

The World of Visual Facilitation
Brandy Agerbeck contributed The Value of Visual Organization, about the Visual Organization Scale (VOS)
2019 | Anthology

Graphic Facilitation Online Courses

Gold Star Graphic Facilitation

The Power of Paper and Pen to Create Positive Change
Comprehensive course on how to do great work in the room.

Get Gold Star Graphic Facilitation

Graphic Facilitator Confidential

The Definitive Guide on your Graphic Facilitation Business
Comprehensive course on how to land projects and get into the room.

Get Graphic Facilitator Confidential

If you are all in on investing in your graphic facilitation practice, you can purchase the Graphic Facilitation Power Bundle of both courses.
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Facilitation Workshops

Topics available for internal workshops  

First Rate Flipcharts
Craft the 10 crucial flipcharts that transform meetings from meh to masterful

Visual Listening
Tune into and turn up your listening skills with paper and pen. A workshop archive online course is also available. Lab

Live three-day immersion with Brandy Agerbeck

Note: 'Lab partners' come from all sorts of roles and backgrounds, making Brandy's Lab not limited to graphic facilitators and recorders. 

But with a small group size of 7, emergent agenda, and direct and constructive feedback, The Lab is your absolute best choice to make your visual practice soar!

Learn about The Lab

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