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A simple, satisfying, shelter-in-place project

The Essential Eight

by Brandy Agerbeck,

Craft therapy has been a lifesaver for me as I sheltered in place  Spring 2020. I wanted to share an ultra-simple project on a Zoom call that used materials anyone can get their hands on. 

Eons ago, I discovered Ernst Röttger's Creative Play series of book in the library stacks.

Click here to see Ernst Röttger's titles on World Cat and borrow a copy at your local library >>

I've collected copies for myself and turn to them for an instant creative boost.

I opened Creative Paper Craft and there was my project. I grabbed an empty pizza box from last night's dinner and a few other materials.

Here's what I used:

  • An empty food box
  • Neuland ink
  • Scissors 
  • An old brush
  • Aleene's Tacky Glue 
  • And a bowl for the ink

I loved using the discarded pizza boxes for this project, and brushing on Neuland ink to one one box in this high-contrast project. But's here the beauty of this project -- 

All you need is scissors, glue and two different colors of paper. And you are ready to roll. 

I'm a big fan of the graphic feel of the black and white (or off-white/kraft color). You do you. And make multiples to see what happens! 

Grab these materials and craft alongside me:


And if you just paused and thought, "38:40? I ain't got time for that," here's a shorter edit of the basic steps, no creative coaching in between. 


Heck, if just watching the demo gives you some relief in stressful times, great. But I do hope you will make one or two of these for yourself. 

It's simple and satisfying. And while we're surrounding by uncertainty, having a little bit of control over some cardboard, scissors and glue is a mighty fine thing. 

If you post your project online, tag it 


so we can see it! 

Stay home, stay healthy.



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