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09.14.22 | Join me on Tuesday, S October18th for my next free, live visual thinking Q&A session, Drawing as a Verb.
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09.01.22 | The Vault
In 2015, I helped a team build a year-long timeline. I redesigned the process in this post >>

08.28.22 | New Article 
Just starting out in Graphic facilitation? I answer the question, "How do I build my graphic facilitation portfolio? Read more >>

08.22.22 | New Article 
When should I work for free as a graphic facilitator? Here's my answer >>

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My 2013 TEDxWindyCity talk, Shape Your Thinking

"I went into The Lab with the ability to create very serviceable visual maps which were, nonetheless a bit ‘one scale’ or ‘flat’. The biggest, conscious impact it’s had on my work is that, after it, I was able to create maps with hierarchy and varying scale – and therefore much greater impact."

Caroline Chapple
Chapple Cartoons
London, UK

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