3 Levels of White Space in Visual Thinking

books flow idea shapers proximity Apr 19, 2015

Working on negative space for The Idea Shapers. This drawing will be in chapter on The Buffer. 

This idea shaper is about "breathing white space around Clusters for clarity." page 106


2016 Update: 
The caption accompanying the final image:
"Above is an example of using the white of the paper to create an image. In this case, someone journaling their wishes in bubble-shaped Containers, set apart by shading the spaces in between with Fill. They leave space to create a peaceful face, showing how they want to feel."

I define three levels of white space in your visual thinking:

  1. Spacing is the must-have Level 1 white space between letters, words, line of text, that makes your text legible, and help The Clusters be seen. 
  2. Flow, Level 2, uses the white of the page to move you through your visual thinking.
  3. Shape, as you see above, doesn't happen by accident. Level 3 creates shapes in the drawing as a whole. 

You can read more about negative space in The Idea Shapers book (pages 165 to 174) and days 14 and 15 in The Agerbeck Method.


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