Bubbles + Stems

graphic facilitation m5: line Jun 22, 2010

As you develop your visual practice, you hone your own "visual voice." This is both your personal style and your favorite tools of substance. 

Here you can see one of the strong parts of my visual voice: "Blobs and Stems." 

More accurately from today's graphic facilitation project, "Bubbles and Stems." 

Today's conversations was very future-tense. Thought bubbles made more sense as a Container than my tried and true blobs. Blobs feel more present-tense. Squishy, organic, and very forgiving shapes to hope any length of content. Firm enough to feel tangible, but not as distinct and geometric as a box. 

Bubbles make all sorts of sense for the conversation I captured. 

Above, you can see main points in all uppercase black letters in the center, surrounded by the details under each main point. The stems connect the main level to its details. 

Next is a set of key points the lead client made at the start of the meeting. I numbered each key with its own tag. 

Below, you'll see another set from the same group. Here I wanted to set apart a few of the points since they were higher priority. So I double up the lines making up the bubble shape. 

A fantastic way to flag important points with the same markers. 

Lastly, No bubbles or stems here. Just a visual snippet I really liked representing a range of choices as a set of shapes.

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