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Level 23 Graphic Facilitator graphic facilitation Nov 21, 2019

Mary Robinette Kowal's tweet is just as applicable to Graphic Facilitation. :^) When I designed ...

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Color matching with Neuland Inks graphic facilitation neuland tools Nov 18, 2019

Oh man, I love a #graphicfacilitation client's style sheet and choosing matching @neulandcom...

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Between Two Ferns graphic facilitation Nov 18, 2016

Look! I am between two ferns. #GraphicFacilitation #drawing #readytoroll

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Graphic Facilitation: Customer 360 graphic facilitation ico m8 image May 25, 2016

Yesterday's project was all about humans and technology. A conference all about data, user...

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Shadowdancing graphic facilitation Oct 27, 2015

Graphic facilitation day with group of 400, so bright lights and shadow dancing while I draw....

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Celebrate our accomplishments graphic facilitation May 18, 2015

 A detail of today's graphic facilitation project. 

Notice the how the "road of change"...

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Rolling, rolling, rolling... graphic facilitation m1 canvas tools May 16, 2015

Turned 5 50-yard rolls into ten 25-yard rolls. Ready for the next 10 graphic...

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Graphic Facilitation: Thyroid Health graphic facilitation May 20, 2014

Yesterday I had a graphic facilitation project that felt different. Nine times out of...

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Internal and External Issues graphic facilitation m2: proximity May 16, 2013

One of the Objectives of today's graphic facilitation client was to have in-depth...

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Q+A: How can I become a graphic facilitator? graphic facilitation May 12, 2013

Here I describe opportunities to learn about graphic facilitation. I lead The Lab and will be...

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Neuland at ASTD Denver graphic facilitation m4: color neuland May 09, 2012

Guido Neuland invited me to help demo in the Neuland booth at the big ASTD conference.


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Chris Guillebeau's The $100 Startup graphic facilitation May 08, 2012
Freedom + Value = Your Microbusiness. I am pleased as punch to be one of the entrepreneurs...
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