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How do I build my graphic facilitation portfolio? graphic facilitation Aug 28, 2022

I'm just beginning my graphic recording career. How do I build up my...

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When should I work for free? graphic facilitation Aug 22, 2022

Before my nuanced answer below, my quick, flippant answer is "working for...

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Vantage Points and Visual Practice • Visual Practitioners Africa 2021 graphic facilitation speaking Oct 22, 2021

Had the great pleasure and privilege to speak virtually for the first time on...

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How to Focus When You Are Listening graphic facilitation sketchnotes visual thinking Jul 07, 2021

In this video and article:
The #1 biggest pitfall that gets in the way of...

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Level 23 Graphic Facilitator graphic facilitation Nov 21, 2019

Mary Robinette Kowal's tweet is just as applicable to Graphic Facilitation....

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Color matching with Neuland Inks graphic facilitation m4: color materials Nov 18, 2019

Oh man, I love a #graphicfacilitation client's style sheet and choosing...

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Working in the Overlaps graphic facilitation m7: shape May 31, 2019

Yesterday's graphic facilitation project was pure joy. A repeat client, great...

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What to call those people who draw out your meeting? graphic facilitation May 30, 2019

Graphic facilitation colleagues can get frustrated by being called by a title...

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ORGANization graphic facilitation m7: shape Jun 28, 2018

I can't share any details from today's graphic facilitation client. But I...

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Between Two Ferns graphic facilitation Nov 18, 2016

Look! I am between two ferns. #GraphicFacilitation #drawing #readytoroll

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Roadmap Ready | Using timelines in graphic facilitation graphic facilitation m9: flow Aug 26, 2016

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  • Live creation of timelines that don't bite you...
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