The Integrator Goes to the Zoo

m7: shape the idea shapers Jun 17, 2016

After I publish the post, I'll have to ice my drawing hand/arm. I rocked 4 full-page drawings for the GRASP section of The Idea Shapers

GRASP, the fifth step in the book* is all about analysis, synthesis and making new meaning through visual thinking. 

These two drawings open up The Integrator chapter. I needed an understandable complex topic that could get across non-verbally. 

Above: A slew of bits and pieces of the zoo experience.

Below: You turn the page and see this drawing integrating the details into one clear composition. 

Not sure which I love more? The knobby-kneed giraffe or the lion statues flanking the zoo's entrance. 


Today, drawing feels ✨magical✨.


*You can learn the 5 steps of visual thinking in my TEDxWindyCity talk, Shape Your Thinking