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Plan to Make a Thing

COVID-19 thwarted last month's 20x2 Chicago show. But our intrepid leaders, ...

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Working in the Overlaps

Yesterday's graphic facilitation project was pure joy. A repeat client, great...

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3.5 → 1
Spent SJC > LAX synthesizing 3.5 days into 1 page of my biggest learnings
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Roadmap Ready | Using timelines in graphic facilitation

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  • Live creation of timelines that don't bite you...
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The Integrator Goes to the Zoo

After I publish the post, I'll have to ice my drawing hand/arm. I rocked 4...

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My teenage drawing style? Horror vacui.

An example of the excruciating detail of my teenage drawings. This was about...

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What a difference The Fill Makes

A soon-to-be double page spread in The Idea Shapers. This demonstration is in...

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Hello, Green Friend

I'm returning to a graphic facilitation client I worked with a couple months...

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Individual Learning Plans | Co-creation Project

coWhat an absolute pleasure to work with today's graphic facilitation client....

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Shape Your Thinking at TEDxWindyCity

Shape Your Thinking is my talk at TEDxWindyCity 2013. Please do watch my...

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Speaking on Synthesis • IFVP Aloha 2011

Colleague and dear friend Lynn Carruthers totally had my number.

She knew I...

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Customer Segmentation

On today's graphic facilitation project, my client presented customer...

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