Life Shaper: The Gift

personal work + productivity Dec 23, 2023

December 20th's pop-up was a treat! I got to introduce my Clarity Clover model to 60+ people from all over the world. 

This visual thinking tool can help you: 

  • Reduce overwhelm

  • Sort out your thoughts

  • Reflect and get closure on a past experience

  • Tap into your intuition

  • Process emotions

  • Become more self-aware
  • Get unstuck! 

Importantly —

Calling this "The Gift" does not mean visual thinking is magical or otherworldly. 

I get ticked off when someone calls a hard and horrible circumstance they experienced "a gift."

No. Those hard and horrible things were and are still hard

They may have made you who you are, but they don't magically turn into a gift, or a blessing.  

Your perseverance, healing, and overcoming hard things absolutely deserves recognition. 

Give yourself credit for your transformation.

What makes this process a "Gift" is that this is a tool for opening up.

Discovering what is inside of you and getting it out.

Using this tool may feel uncomfortable and frustrating, or make you feel vulnerable.

You may spend this time feeling like you've made more of a mess than made meaning for yourself.

No matter what, it will always be time well-spent giving yourself the time to focus, think, and feel.

You will make progress. 

Any time you get what's in your head, heart, and body out and onto paper, you start to...





... your challenges. 

Click here to learn more and watch the first 20 minutes of this life shaper video

Illustrations by Kostya Kobetskoy, adapted by Brandy Agerbeck

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