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The Idea Shapers manuscript is DONE.


While today's wifi Facebook Live video is crunchy, exactly 365 days ago, I was writing about feeling like a scribble. It has been one challenging trip around the Sun. But now... 🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁

I am exceedingly happy to report that my manuscript is off to my editor in all of its 426 page, 78,425 word glory. 

I am also very relieved and a bit slap happy from the intensity of the last push.

After my partner J convinces me to rest (see video above) I'll be drawing the last 150 drawings for the book, a quarter of the 600 total images

And with and upcoming Lab and delivering a keynote at the IFVP conference in DC, I'll get some fantastic time away from the book and the computer to be out in the world people-ing and teaching. 

Then, fresh eyes back on The Idea Shapers

3 hours later: 


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