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Rolling, rolling, rolling...

canvas graphic facilitation materials May 16, 2015
Rolls of paper for graphic recording projects

Turned 5 50-yard rolls into ten 25-yard rolls. Ready for the next 10 graphic facilitation projects.

I have an easy answer when folks ask, "What's your favorite paper for graphic facilitation?" Blick's Poster Bond in rolls

Pluses of this paper for graphic facilitation: 

  • Smooth surface
  • 48" inch/1.2 meter width
  • While I always hang a sheet of this as a first layer or blotter, I rarely get any bleed through from my Neuland markers

Only downside? 

  • Only comes in 50-yard rolls

I know from experience, that 25 yards works well for a 1-2 day client meeting. If the event is more than 2 days, I'll bring a full roll.

For one to two day projects, 50 yards is HEAVY. 

I can lift a 25-yard roll up the wall to tape up my paper, no problem. 

Whenever I run low, I order 5 rolls shipped to my home.

When they arrive, I pop on an episode of Law and Order, clear off my dining table and get to rerolling. 

It takes a bit of practice to keep the paper lined up and not angled. But nothing a Professional Paper Wrangler can't handle. 

I store each roll in its own Uline mailing tube under the bed. 

Ready to roll (*snerk*) for the next gig. 


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