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How to Choose Colors in Your Visual Thinking Using The Trio

Such a great live call today in Loosetooth Studio that I wanted to share.


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Learn Visual Thinking Step-by-Step and with Community in 2022
Now is a perfect time to make visual thinking your lifelong skill. The...
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Nine meatballs
When packing up dinner leftovers reminds you of your signature online course...
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Populating The Agerbeck Method's Page

So much drawing last night! Working on improving my registration page for The...

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Drawing out your goals.

On Day 2 in The Agerbeck Method, I guide you through drawing your own...

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Keep your eyes on your own page, Agerbeck!

How much potential do we squander? How much harm do we do to ourselves? Time...

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3 Keys Summary | From The Agerbeck Method

Minutes after enrolling in The Agerbeck Method, you'll receive this first...

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Making Meaningful Choices

Making a drawing may feel like only making a mess. 

With The Agerbeck...

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Making a Drawing to Make Meaning

When you begin The Agerbeck Method, you're greeted by this welcome video.


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Planning The Agerbeck Method One Card at a Time

Planning The Agerbeck Method, my comprehensive online visual thinking...

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