Learn Visual Thinking Step-by-Step and with Community in 2022

agerbeck method studio Jan 14, 2022
Now is a perfect time to make visual thinking your lifelong skill. The Agerbeck Method is my comprehensive course and your 90 day visual thinking transformation.
To support you making 2022 your year to master this skill for life, I've got a special offer. To anyone in both The Agerbeck Method (nicknamed AgMe) and a member of Loosetooth Studio (my membership community), you can join me for a series of 9 live group coaching calls. One for each module in AgMe.
We meet every 4 weeks, giving you 28 days to fit the 10 video lessons into your schedule.
In Loosetooth Studio, you can post your progress, ask questions, connect with other members to coordinate coworking sessions.
Our kickoff call today was terrific! Thanks to this global group of glorious humans for filling my energy tank to FULL today! I look forward to our first call on Module 1: CANVAS on February 4th.
You are still welcome to join us. All the details are here >>

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Visual thinking for life.

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