Lessons from the First Virtual Lab

2 Things

I was 6 days from leaving for a month-long teaching tour when our borders closed due to COVID-19.

Ten months later, I did something previously unfathomable.

I led The Lab online.

Here's the story. 


Note: The audio is wonky in this Zoom recording. At the last minute, I added a new camera showing the wider shot of my setup. I didn't turn off that camera's mic, which is why my levels shift over the course of the video. 

Good thing my mantra is process over product... 

Process over product...


In this video:

  • See more of Winky, my teaching robot

  • The backstory how The Lab went virtual

  • Why I felt it COULD go virtual (2 biggest reasons people join me in The Lab)

  • How a Mural board became our home base

  • Shifts between in-person and in-Zoom for the small group immersive format

  • Seeing each others’ growth over the course of the week


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