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08.12.20 | Join me on Tuesday, September 8th for my next free, live visual thinking Q&A session, Drawing as a Verb.
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06.30.20 | If you think drawing on paper isn't for techies or writers, let Erez Zukerman and I persuade you to think differently and think visually. 
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06.22.20 Been a bit quiet here, but that's because I have been working on getting a new studio space. Got a great new home for my work today!

05.22.20 "What's Your Plan?" I'm 1 of 20 answerers for 20x2 Chicago. Normally a performance, it's been adapted into a zine.
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05.02.20 | In partnership with Neuland, we've created a GORGEOUS new color wheel poster of all their refill ink colors! 

04.17.20 Public Health is a team sport! To show our spirit as we shelter-in-place, I give you The Social Distancing All-Stars!
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04.06.20 Need a simple and satisfying hands-on project with what you already have in your home? Try Start with a Shape.
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03.30.20 I'm sharing the Color Conversation section from The Idea Shapers, a congenial take on the color wheel.
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03.23.20 First to help me, then to help you, I made ColorFULL, a PDF coloring book of messages of care and resilience.
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03.10.20 | A new article posted. Standing Up to the VUCA Monster is a lesson in complexity, critical thinking and not holding onto anything too tightly.

Winter 2020

02.18.20 Guess who finally got some kind of registration page up for her new online course

Brandy did!

Gold Star Graphic Facilitation is the comprehensive course all about the role, responsibilities, skills and mindset of the graphic facilitator. 
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p.s. The course is already LIVE and waiting for YOU. 

02.18.20 See you in Amsterdam or London? Details here for upcoming Visual Thinkers Meetups.

BIG Thanks #1 to Wytze Veenstra of Visual Notes who's hosting us at A Lab in Amsterdam on March 20.

BIG Thanks #2 to Dan Porter and Chris Wilson of Scriberia at their office in London on April 16.

RSVP on the Events page and hope to see you there!

02.14.20 Unfortunately, we didn't get enough interest in the Yspertal, Austria workshop and it has been cancelled. Big Thanks to Markus Engelberger for his great organization and promotion. 

01.28.20 | Visual practice takes many shapes. The Visual Organization Scale (VOS) is a field-leading model to understand what types of structure best serves us in our work. Meet the VOS >>

01.20.20 | JD Pirtle interviewed Brandy on his fantastic education podcast, Depth and Light. Have a listen!

01.14.20 | The London Lab's last spot is filled. Contact Brandy to get on the waiting list. 

01.07.20 | Check Looking for your focus as you work live as a graphic facilitator? Use The Essential Eight to guide your practice.

01.02.20 Welcome to the Year of Vision!


11.26.19 Registration is OPEN for First Rate Flip Charts workshop in Eichenzell, Germany, March 26-27, 2020.

11.22.19 | Since its birthday in 2011, The Brandyfesto has been downloaded over 11,000 times! Be #11,001.

11.07.19 | Registration now OPEN for the London Lab, April 15-17, 2020 (Full) and Chicago Lab September 30 to October 2, 2020 (4 spots open)Grab your spot today.


08.01.18 Brandy delivered a mini-workshop on The Trio at EuViz in Rungsted, Denmark. 
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