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Graphic Facilitation: Repeating the shape of the conversation

cscc graphic facilitation image line portfolio May 26, 2016
graphic facilitation at a packaged goods strategy session

My client is a packaged goods company who focused on their shopper avatar and the in-store experience. What you see in the image above, the drawing on the left is The Anchor of the first drawing. 

Through my prep call with my clients, I knew The Objective of the morning conversation was shopper-centric and they would be talking about their shopping experience.

I confidently started my chart with her and a big, empty "blueprint" of the store. Could not be a more open and flexible starting point as the dialogue began. 

The group didn't go into much detail about the shopper, but I mapped out a sketchy representation of the store aisles. and a few notes. 

What's on the right?

To reflect the group's progress, I started our afternoon chart the same central drawing. AND this one was about two-thirds smaller and more refined. 

Keeps our eye on the prize. The refinement signals the evolution of the conversation. 

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