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5 Reasons You Need to Draw People in Your Visual Thinking

5 Reason You Need to Draw People in Your Visual Thinking. The title says it...

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New Deep Dive: Meaningful Mascots

If you struggle to add life to your visual thinking, join me November...

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Let's Talk Avatars

Avatars are a pretty fascinating part of visual culture. Like cartoon or...

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3.5 → 1
Spent SJC > LAX synthesizing 3.5 days into 1 page of my biggest learnings
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bikablo akademie travels the USA!

Very happy to be the Chicago host for Frank Wesseler and Carola Keitel's US...

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Graphic Facilitation: Repeating the shape of the conversation

My client is a packaged goods company who focused on their shopper avatar and...

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Graphic Facilitation: Customer 360

Yesterday's project was all about humans and technology. A conference all...

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Celebrate our accomplishments

 A detail of today's graphic facilitation project. 

Notice the how...

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Ico's 4th and 5th Sense

My "guy," my everyman, is named Ico. Nico or icon without the N. :^) I use...

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Internal and External Issues

One of the Objectives of today's graphic facilitation client was to have...

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The Essential 8

As a graphic facilitator, how do you prioritize what to draw?

Peek into the...

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Holy Buckets!

Buckets are my favorite metaphorical container.


  • They...
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Customer Segmentation

On today's graphic facilitation project, my client presented customer...

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Graphic Facilitation Show & Tell: Applause-O-Meter

A quick video [2:43] on creating an Applause-O-Meter on a recent graphic...

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Fostering Talent Pools for Innovation


A rare non-event graphic facilitation project, a large consulting...

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