Individual Learning Plans | Co-creation Project

graphic facilitation m7: shape Apr 30, 2014
Visualization of an individual learning plan within an organization

What an absolute pleasure to work with today's graphic facilitation client. It was a true co-creation project developing a visual model for the group's professional development.

In a co-creation project, I'm in active discussion with my clients shaping their work.

In contrast, with a more traditional graphic facilitation project, I'm a visual silent partner in the room capturing, organizing, and synthesizing the conversation. 

We created a gloriously messy drawing as I sketched out what shape we thought an Individual Learning Plan needed to take. 

The leaders on this team wanted to make sure that every colleague had a clear sense of their existing strengths and where they needed to develop. And I was very heartened that their final model included one's personal interests. Makes for far more gratifying work when you are serving the organization while also growing and staying curious. 

Above is a portion of the whole template, but gives you a glimpse of key part. I love that this shape puts the individual team member at the center while the rays of skills reach out from them. 

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