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Graphic Facilitation: Thyroid Health

graphic facilitation image May 20, 2014
graphic facilitation details of a doctor and patient facing each other

Yesterday I had a graphic facilitation project that felt different. Nine times out of 10, I have no personal connection or experience with my client's industry or issues. 

While I've been doing more health-focused projects lately, this one was focused on a condition I had too, thyroid health. I've got hypothyroidism. No biggie. It's incredibly common. And I'm SO thankful I that staying on top of my numbers has improved my health. 

Love my little thyroid icon for the day. No, not a butterfly or a lumpy tooth. It's the endocrine gland in one's neck that's very good at slowing down or slowing up. 

PSA: if you have hypo- or hyper-throidism, be sure to check your levels over time. This is not a set-it-and-forget-it condition. And little tweaks can make a big difference. 

My flexible everyman woman character got to hold a lot of different symptoms in the drawing. Personally, thinning hair was a signal to me that something was off. Now I know that my heart flutters were erased when I got my thyroid meds working for me. 

Lastly, a simple, simple icon. I love how the largeness of the question mark reflects the uncertainly well. 


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