Working in the Overlaps

graphic facilitation portfolio shape May 31, 2019
synthesis graphic from an internal strategy meeting showing 3 human figures overlapping

Yesterday's graphic facilitation project was pure joy. A repeat client, great culture among a team that clearly respects each other and has fun. In this strategy-packed day, I filled three 4'x6' charts of their work. 

The fourth was where I was invited to my happiest place: synthesis. This is where we worked on a drawing that distilled what stood out from the previous 3 working maps into the image above. 

Always respecting my client's work, I fuzzed out all but the most general best practices. 

I used the motif of overlapping shapes throughout the day's charts.

 On the left, the central figures overlap. On the right, remote offices overlap with the main office.


Always a sign hard work well done: 

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