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How to Choose Colors in Your Visual Thinking Using The Trio

Such a great live call today in Loosetooth Studio that I wanted to share.


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New Deep Dive: Spectrum Savvy

Embrace all the facets of color in our next Deep Dive Day, Spectrum...

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Color matching with Neuland Inks

Oh man, I love a #graphicfacilitation client's style sheet and choosing...

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Meet the Idea Shapers: The Spectrum

Two of The Idea Shapers focused on color. The first is The Spectrum, which is...

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Neuland Mini Workshop: The Trio | EuViz 2018

Of course when Neuland invited me to teach a 15-minute workshop...

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3 Tips for Sketchnoters

Thank you, Mike Rohde, for inviting me to kickoff his fifth season of ...

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Trios are Good Medicine
Found a really good mindless task to do while I've been sick this week.
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Team Timeline Building | Coordinate your year in 12 Steps

Yesterday, I supported a group creating a complex timeline.

That was...

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Value of the Program

My latest graphic facilitation project was a program capstone session....

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The Essential 8

As a graphic facilitator, how do you prioritize what to draw?

Peek into the...

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Neuland at ASTD Denver

Guido Neuland invited me to help demo in the Neuland booth at the big ASTD...

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Customer Segmentation

On today's graphic facilitation project, my client presented customer...

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A Trio Per Team

Yesterday's post was a way bigger personal lesson, but I realized that I had...

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CMYK (Er, KYMC...)

I will happily admit that I instigated this geekiness. At the Gapers Block...

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