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Customer Segmentation

graphic facilitation m4: color m8: image
close-up of a graphic recording chart of research on customer segmentation

On today's graphic facilitation project, my client presented customer segmentation research. 

I am often asked,
"How much do you know before you begin drawing?"

On this project, I knew:

  • There were six segments
  • the names for each type of customer
  • Color cues from their documents

Past that? I don't know. 

I make sure I am well-rested, well-fed, present and focused. 

I made the heads my central Anchor, my starting point. Of the 6 segments, the brown one approached the subject from a neutral vantage point. The red and orange ones with a negative perspective. The three on the right side, purple, blue and gray see the topic in a positive light.

Definitely a chart I wish I could share more about. So fascinating.

You'll see plenty of my visual thinking for client that is fully viewable, very often public programs I attend as portfolio builders. Nearly all of my client work is internal and proprietary. Thus, fuzzed out. 

While I can't share the finished product, I hope the glimpse at process is useful. 


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