We need all kinds of minds.


I've got the Big Picture synthesizer mind. Dialed up to 11. Now, I've made good use of mine, but I am so thankful for the detail-keepers who make the world go 'round.

The speed of my brain is an express bullet train. Exceedingly useful as a graphic facilitator, but lousy for making a decision with my husband. He is a super smarty too, just moving down the track at a different pace, with more important station stops.

Sadly, so many people have been told that they weren't smart. It can be one comment from one important person. Or you compared yourself to others, and thought you fell short. Frustratingly, poor teaching has had us feeling like the bad student. Any of these, put plainly, sucks.

We ALL have remarkable abilities. Different strengths. Different weaknesses.

And MOST importantly, we all have the ability to learn, grow, and be stronger thinkers.

Every single time I teach someone, I see a glorious human full of experiences.

Not a single one of us is starting from square one.

Every one of us will have new skills that feel like a familiar friend. Learning comes easily.

Other times learning will be crunchy and tense. That discomfort does NOT mean you are stupid or less than. All it means it that learning THAT particular thing feels uncomfortable. Ah, that is a bit of information.

I do all I can to make learning visual thinking easy, effective, to feel good. AND I'll also be by your side to say that if it feels weird or hard, that is NOT a signal that you can't learn this. Just information. And I'll be cheering you and your beautiful brain on.  

We need your kind of mind.

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