Neuland • 50 Years of Passion

materials Oct 27, 2018
I smiled throughout this whole video.
Such an honor and a pleasure to be a Neuland Ambassador. I treasure so many friendships through these circles, and so much love Guido Neuland and Verena Hanke-Neuland for leading us with so much heart + smarts.
So many fantastic memories that trip. Of course the party was a blast, but also the wonderful opportunity to teach at HQ. To spend quiet time with Guido and Verena.
On this trip, I had just finished my workshop and while it was a top notch experience, I was also wrung out like a washcloth. I was scheduled to leave the next day. The next morning, I got a message that storms in Chicago were delaying my flight home. I was overly tired and trying to click into problem solving mode. Then I thought, "WAIT. I have dear friends here who just last night offered their guest bed any time." Turns out it was going to be THAT day. Guido, Verena and I had such great conversations with that bonus time. 🧡
📹 Video by Time Rath and Joep van der Laan of Rampire Productions


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